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New Ulm Educators: Partner With Us!

  • Have you ever learned of an educational opportunity at a workshop, been inspired, and then wondered where you could go to get funding for that initiative?
  • Have you ever thought your students could benefit from something new or different, something outside of the school district budget, but didn’t know how to get it paid for?

That is why we are here – to enhance and support the important work of our district’s educators.

A granting process will be used to request and evaluate proposals submitted by District teachers and administrators. The Foundation will work closely with the district to ensure projects support the strategic plans for the district. The list of potential projects is endless and may include the following.

  • Technology improvements
  • Curriculum Enhancement
  • Campus and Building Improvements
  • Enrichment and Intervention Opportunities

Grant Application Process

  1. Complete the Grant Application.
  2. Submit the Grant Application to the ISD 88 Foundation.
  3. We will contact you on the status of your application.
  4. That’s it!
  1. Submit the short online Letter of Intent (LOI) form to the ISD 88 Foundation. LOIs are accepted at any time.
  2. If your grant LOI is selected for consideration, we will contact you to submit a full application.

Educator Grant LOI Form

Educator Grant LOI Information

What is possible??

It is up to you! Our impact is only as good as the applications and ideas from our district’s educators. Dare to Dream!