To Students

New Ulm’s Public Schools have a rich history of educational excellence. Limited budgets and increasing mandates challenge our school’s ability to offer the cutting edge programs that will equip our children for the next phase of their lives. Our students will pursue many different dreams after high school. Whatever path they choose, they will be better prepared if they are presented with the innovative and challenging educational opportunities the foundation will support.


To Teachers

District 88 is fortunate to have a dedicated and passionate team of educators. Our teachers, administrators and support staff strive each day to provide their students with the best possible education. This commitment to excellence includes a desire to offer innovative and cutting edge initiatives that supplement the standard curriculum. The foundation will provide funding beyond the scope of our schools budget, to allow our teachers to “Dare to Dream”, think “outside the box” and creatively engage our students.


To Alumni

The importance of a quality primary education cannot be understated. It provides the foundation needed to succeed in the many opportunities that await our graduates. The ISD 88 Foundation provides alumni of District 88 an opportunity to give back to the school system that was instrumental in their successes and achievements.  Another important goal of the Foundation is to keep our alumni connected and recognize their achievements since graduation. New Ulm’s Public Schools have a rich history of educational excellence, recognizing our alumni will inspire our current students towards excellence. Supporting the work of the Foundation is a way to honor the past while supporting the future.

Our Community

To Our Community

Strong public schools are a vital part of healthy, thriving communities. They are a key factor businesses consider when looking to expand or relocate. Families consider and evaluate the quality of schools when deciding where to live and work. The future of the communities served by District 88 is directly linked to the quality of its schools. The ISD 88 Foundation is committed to enhancing the educational programs and projects that will keep our public schools strong and competitive.