Hall of Fame Nominations Needed!

Hall of Fame Nomination Deadline May 1st! 

The Hall of Fame seeks to honor individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their lives or vocation and who have made a difference in the communities in which they live, or lived.

The ISD 88 Hall of Fame allows current students an opportunity to understand the value of their education and the possibilities to which it may lead. The Hall of Fame is a way for the school and the community to honor exceptional individuals who, through example, inspire a new generation of students and staff.

We need your nominations for the ISD 88 Hall of Fame!

Do you know of an outstanding New Ulm Public Schools alumnus? Do you know of someone who is doing great work, whether publicly or quietly? Do you have a teacher who inspired you? Or a coach? If you do, please nominate them for the Hall of Fame. Nominations are due April 1st.

Perhaps there was a lunch lady that snuck you an extra cookie or two in the lunch line and who also spent her free time volunteering at the food shelf.
Is the quiet girl from your science class with the beautifully illustrated lab book now a famous artist who teaches free classes to inner city students?
Honor them by nominating them for the Hall of Fame. Nominations are due April 1st.

ISD 88 Hall of Fame Nomination Form