2016 ISD 88 Hall of Fame

The 2016 ISD 88 Hall of Fame was held on Saturday October 1st, 2016 at Turner Hall. Over 175 people attended to honor this year’s amazing inductees. The room was beautifully decorated, the food was delicious and the speeches were inspirational and touching. It was an uplifting and festive night! Congratulations to the 2016 inductees!

In back are, from left, John Marti, Chris Contag and Mary Moriarty. In front are family members representing the three late inductees who were honored posthumously: Marilyn Stuckey (Franklin Stuckey), Evie Forstner (Gene Forstner) and Elvira Epp (Henry Epp).

Chris Contag (Class of 1978) – Full Bio

Henry Epp (Teacher, 1952-1982) – Full Bio

Gene Forstner (Class of 1943) – Full Bio

John Marti (Class of 1981) – Full Bio

Mary Moriarty (Class of 1982) – Full Bio

Franklin Stuckey (Teacher, 1966-1993) – Full Bio

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